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DV2016 will ensure that you know everything you need to know about a Diversity Visa, what it is, who is eligible for it and how to apply for it.


The American Dream ...


 Have you ever thought of living in a country blessed with the abundance of freedom and  opportunities? A country that strives to eradicate racial and gender discrimination to  maintain  harmonious equilibrium that  makes them globally competitive. A country that has  been considered the forerunner of almost all essential breakthroughs  from whom the  whole population benefits. 

 The pioneer of pioneers. United States of America.

Why Live in the USA?


It is the country that is best known for :


   -> World-Class Education

   -> Outstanding Healthcare

   -> Cheap yet Very Good Food

   -> Highest Take-Home Salary

    ->  Crime Security and Patriotism

   -> Racial and Cultural Diversity

   -> Spectacular Scenery

   -> Low Prices of Goods

   -> and a whole lot More!


So What's Up With Praising USA?

 It's because we do not want you to miss the opportunity of winning 1 of the annually 50,000  U.S. green cards to be given away! DV2016.com is here to ensure that after you are drawn from  the  computerized lottery, your application will be approved right away because you have  submitted  requirements that followed the instructions down to the very small details.   


It's Time to Chase The American Dream


So what are you waiting for?  DV2016.com brings you a step closer to chasing and living the dream. (If you want to jump right to the application process, click here!)

Who knows? This could be your last chance for an easy way  of being a U.S. citizen.





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